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Leten Sex Toys

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Leten Sex Toy Official Brand

Leten is a brand that provides high-quality male masturbators and male adult toys. Are you looking for a unique and high-tech masturbator? Leten toys offers a wide variety of unique and high quality male masturbators that will give you an amazing thrill with leten adult toys!

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Leten toys - Top1 Brands of Male Masturbator Sex Toys

We offer everything about leten sex toys on the market and we are a direct sales store for leten, so you can buy with complete confidence. We are committed to providing quality products and services to our customers.

Leten brand offers 708 Pro, Leten Cannon King Pro, Bermuda, Future Pro Gen 3, X9-IV and Leten Turbo and many other series of healthy masturbator sex toys. leten masturbators are designed to let you fulfill your sexual desires and fantasies.

You can choose from a wide range of shapes and functions to suit the masturbator. They are also easy to handle and easy to keep clean.

The Best Collection of Leten Masturbators

Have you ever used a Leten masturbator? If you haven't, then you must try this exquisite design and advanced high-tech design masturbator toy!

The official Leten brand's spirit of independent innovation allows customers to have a very satisfying experience in masturbation, and is also the best male masturbator on the market at the moment.

The Leten masturbator has gone beyond the traditional masturbators, it has the features of multi-frequency and multi-function modes as well as the shocking looks you can't resist.

Get the most out of your masturbation.The Leten sex toy range is the go-to brand to take your masturbation to new heights. Thinking of getting the best out of your cock? Then choose Leten Official Brand.

We are the official Leten brand direct seller, Leten's best masturbators are deeply loved by everyone, we offer you the most unique masturbator toys.

Leten Cannon King Pro 10 Thrusting High-Speed Motor Automatic Male Masturbator with Handle

The Leten Cannon King Pro is our most popular Leten masturbator. It is a handheld fully automatic masturbator, when you hold it with both hands and insert it into your cock, you will feel a cannon machine ramming up your shaft, at the full stroke of the 10 vibrating Thrusting, you will be surprised by the speed and the stimulation it gives you.

You won't be able to find any of the current sex toys that can compare to the Leten cannon king pro. It is the fastest, at normal speed you can get 400 strokes per minute and at full speed you can see 700 strokes per minute, are you going to be shocked if you are a heavy masturbation player or a sex toy professional, I highly recommend you are going to buy a leten thrusting pro!

Super Length with Customizable Stroke

Ever wondered what happens when your dick is not long enough or too long resulting in the purchase of a masturbator that doesn't fit?Leten cannon king pro is customizable piston stroke length, the overall length can be up to 12cm.

When your dick is too short, you can customize it to fit you, when your dick is too long, you don't need to customize it at all, feel free to play with him as much as you want, and enjoy the length of your length fit within the The stimulation brought by masturbation with masturbator.

High Speed Motor Fun

Leten Cannon King Pro Sex Toys Features - Ultra High Speed Motor, when you want to know why Leten cannon king pro is able to sprint so fast, it depends on the fact that he is equipped with the proud ultra high speed motor, This motor can rotate at up to 700 beats per minute, there are three speeds respectively

The first one is 700 beats per minute, which allows you to experience the most violent stimulation, the second one is 400 times per minute, which allows you to enjoy moderate penis stimulation, but for beginners, this is already the biggest challenge, and the third one is 200 times per minute, this speed is the average player's experience

Maybe you will be unconvinced that you will just experience the highest speed, which is so much fun. You can always use these three speeds to spice up your masturbation game.

High Frequency Precision Thrusting Impact

Have you seen the video of Leten thrusting pro and how shocking his strokes are, precise impacts that stimulate your cock so fast that you can't escape this world of pleasure.

Handheld Frame Design

Have you ever wanted your cock to be a gun, to the troubles outside a sweeping shot, then Leten cannon king pro to meet your fantasy, he uses a unique gun frame design, handheld grip equipped with a handle, you can feel free to easily control on the handle.

When your cock is inserted, you will fantasize about holding a machine gun gun rapid sprint sweeping to make your cock cum quickly, this feeling is too wonderful!

What Are the Features of Leten Cannon King Pro?

Ultra-high-speed motor, high-speed gear 700 times/min crazy tumbling, medium-speed gear 400 times/min fast tumbling, low-speed gear 200 times/min slow tumbling

Telescopic super-long stroke: 12cm super-long piston stroke can be long or short, the pleasure can be deep or shallow, and the root can be swallowed from the beginning to the end

Ultra-high-frequency fixed-point piston, high-frequency stimulation of precise fixed-point stretching of the glans

Innovative turret shape, dual handle exchange control, free manipulation of various postures

There is a mobile phone bracket on the top of the gun rack, allowing players to enjoy a visual feast while watching movies

High-tech materials, designed to wear vagina at both ends, polymer material as the main material, soft and elastic to the touch

Over-closed fully automatic 72 stunts: frequency + speed + inner liner adjustable stop

Leten Bermuda 10 Vibration Sucking Thrusting Heating Male Masturbators

Leten official brand has been providing customers with the best masturbators, especially this Leten Bermuda masturbator is Leten's newest innovative technology, 10 frequency vibration + 10 sucking powerful experience, plus it can be heated up to 40 degrees Celsius with automatic thermostat

You don't have to worry about your cock getting cold at all. Leten bermuda masturbator has the same handle as Leten cannon king pro, and his gamepad will be more advanced, these innovations make your masturbation game more enjoyable!

Leten Bermuda has the same handle as Leten cannon pro, and his gamepad will be more advanced, these innovations make your masturbation game become more enjoyable!


Material: TPE+ABS

Frequency: 10 modes

Product Size: 7.4 inches x 4.76 inches x 10.8 inches

Spiral particles: suck back and forth

Hurricane speed: 370 flights per minute

2.1L DC vacuum pump

Product Weight: 2.24 pounds

Charging Mode: USB-Type C charging

Charging Time: 3-4 hours

Usage Time: 45 minutes

Maximum Volume: Less than 65 decibels

Target Audience: Adults


  • 10 Unique Vibration Frequencies,choose from a range of powerful to subtle vibrations
  • 10 Distinct Suction Modes,experience varying levels of suction from gentle to intense
  • Advanced Heating Feature,engage in a more authentic experience with the added warming function
  • Type-C charging, ensuring fast and efficient power-ups and prolonged playtimes.
  • The ergonomic structure ensures a perfect grip and easy maneuverability during use.
  • Its seamless design allows for hassle-free cleaning

How does Leten Bermuda work?

Left Handle Button:

Left Handle Mode/Start Sucking

5 Levels of Sucking Strength & 10 Sucking Modes

Right Handle Button:

Turn on/off short press for stretching

5 speed modes & 10 stretching modes

Leten is committed to innovate more quality sex toy products, is the world's first-class sex toy brand, Leten official brand has hundreds of patents, including appearance patents, internal patents and structural patents.

Leten is a sex toy brand focusing on the design, production and sales of male masturbators, in the sale of the global sex toy industry to obtain more than 30,000 + customers' positive feedback, deep buyers' favorite.

Which is also Leten sex toy so many years and has been continuously by the customer to support and buy the reason!

Showeggs.com is the Official Authorized Distributor of Leten, The Top1 Brand in the Sex Toy Industry!

Leten specializes in research and development, design, manufacturing and sales, and with the support of countless fans, is committed to providing a full range of products and services.

leten sex toy has many series, including Illusion, Adult Queen, Champion Piston, Miracle, Angel Wings, and more, totaling over 200 designs of adult toys.

If you are a big fan of Leten sex toy, please always keep an eye on our new product releases, because every release is an innovative surprise, you will be surprised because this is a play that has not been seen in the field of masturbator toys.

Which is a reflection of the superb quality of Leten's masturbators, which will be the customer's needs and fantasies using the most advanced technology to design and produce. Leten always meets the demands and promises of its customers, which has allowed many of them to enjoy unparalleled immersive masturbation play with their masturbators.

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