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Male Masturbators

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Male Masturbators

Male Masturbators - Blow Job Toys Best Masturbators for Men

Among the many male sex toys available, the male masturbator is indeed a highly popular adult sex toy for male masturbation. If you are looking for a high quality male masturbator, then you have come to the right place. These male sex toys can provide you with a realistic and exciting experience in sexual play that will fulfill your every preference and fantasy.

Designed to fulfill men's sexual needs, these ingenious male masturbators are aesthetically pleasing, echoing the contours of the Fleshlight container. The intricate structure has been carefully designed to mimic the sensations of female clitoral, oral and anal stimulation, resulting in an exceptionally realistic experience.

The state-of-the-art technology integrated into these male oral masturbators ensures a level of fidelity that is unrivaled in the industry. Additionally, the innovations in male oral masturbators have introduced a plethora of exciting features including heat, rotation, massage, automated voice, suction, vibration, and interactive features. As you delve into the world of male masturbators, you'll find tons of options waiting to be explored.

It's no surprise that the popularity of automatic male masturbators has been rising rapidly. The ability of these innovative sex toys to awaken unexpected sensations has made them a hot commodity in the world of adult pleasure.

In this curated collection, we've handpicked the most coveted Automatic male masturbators for your consideration. If you're ready to experience the thrill of hands-free fun, browse our selection and choose one that resonates with your desires.

Automatic male masturbators are designed to enhance your sensory experience beyond the limitations of manual strokers. Simply place the automatic stroking machine on your penis and let it work its magic, effortlessly oscillating between suction, heat, thrust and vibration. The only requirement is to succumb to the sheer pleasure it brings.

The textured chambers of these automatic stroking machines are designed to stimulate your senses and evoke sensations beyond the capacity of human touch.The unpredictability of the stimulation generated by the automatic male stroker adds an element of excitement as your penis enjoys a symphony of sensations. In addition, many automatic male stroker boast a range of features and functions that ensure a diverse and captivating experience that will leave you craving more.

Electric Masturbators

Showeggs sex toystore offers a wide variety of electric male masturbators waiting to fulfill a wide range of needs and desires. From heat and vibration to sucking and thrusting, these best electric male masturbators have impressive features that put manual blowjob sex toys to shame.

While some may be deterred by the higher cost of electric male masturbators, it is important to recognize that their enhanced features and functionality justify the investment. However, it is comforting to know that affordable options do exist. At Showeggs Sex Toys Shop, we have carefully curated a comprehensive range of electric male masturbators to ensure that there is something for everyone to find a sex toy that belongs to their beloved.

Discover the Electric Masturbator of Your Fantasies!

Are you looking for a multifaceted experience filled with heated and vibrating sensations? Look no further. Our hand-picked selection of high-quality, low-cost Electric masturbator sex toys is designed to fulfill your desires. We've taken the time to collect the best Electric masturbators to ensure you find the one that best suits your needs.

Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator

Have you ever fantasized about having a passionate lovemaking session with a sexy woman? Now you can turn that fantasy into a reality with the most realistic and immersive masturbator toy available from Showeggs Sex Toy Store.

These premium masturbators bear a striking resemblance to the human body, featuring over 22 pounds of soft, pliable Fleshlight that wraps and massages your penis to simulate the sensation of intimate contact. The plush, realistic texture and responsive design ensure an unrivaled experience that transcends the real thing.

Choose your favorite realistic male masturbator and unleash your passion. The wide curves and tantalizing orifices of this realistic male masturbator are drawing you in, and you're well on your way to exploring every aspect of satisfying your desires. Warm, responsive materials and realistic design create an immersive experience that simulates intimate pleasure without the limitations of reality.

When you get the woman that belongs to your fantasy, you look at this big ass and can't help but slap it, it feels and sounds like a real woman to the touch and slap, and you can't wait to take out your cock especially hard to bang her pussy and asshole!

After you reach orgasm and can't help but shoot a lot of sperm into her womb or face, you can use a toy cleaning solution to clean it off, or if you don't have one, you can use warm water to slowly rinse it off. Being the cautious and shy boy that you are, you can dry her off and retrieve her in a storage box or put her in your closet for safekeeping. Such a realistic masturbator as if it were your woman can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, with a vagina and ass built for your masturbation.

Chronic Masturbator - Immersed in the Joy of Masturbation

Do you understand what chronic masturbation is? Chronic masturbation means to masturbate many times a day or a month, there is no end to it, and it is particularly addictive to masturbation, up to 20-30 times in severe cases, is it considered a disease of excessive masturbation? Answer this is not, chronic masturbation is not a disease, but masturbation all the time may be addictive, to properly control masturbation.

How to Homemade Diy Male Masturbator?

Nowadays there are different models of Male Masturbators, you can also buy them in different places, of course showggs adult store has a wider variety, you can choose different features and materials, also you can expensive masturbators and cheap masturbators, if you feel unsatisfied or the price is too expensive, then you can make a Male Masturbator by yourself as detailed below:

Materials Needed:

1. PVC pipe or cardboard tube

2. Latex or silicone glove

3. Rubber bands or tape

4. Lubricant

5. Scissors or utility knife

Step 1: Prepare the Base

Select a suitable cylindrical object as the base of your masturbator. PVC pipes or cardboard tubes work admirably for this purpose, offering both durability and flexibility.

Step 2: Glove Application

Take a latex or silicone glove and secure it over one end of the base. Ensure a snug fit by fastening it securely with rubber bands or tape. This forms the receptive chamber for your pleasure.

Step 3: Customize to Comfort

Tailor the length of the glove to your preference by trimming any excess material. This customization ensures optimal comfort and sensation during use.

Step 4: Lubrication is Key

Apply a generous amount of lubricant to the interior of the glove. This lubrication reduces friction, enhancing the glide and intensity of your experience.

Step 5: Seal the Deal

If using a PVC pipe, seal the open end with a cap or tape to prevent any unwanted leaks during use. This step ensures a mess-free encounter.

Step 6: Test Run

Before indulging fully, conduct a test run to assess the functionality and comfort of your DIY creation. Adjustments can be made as needed to refine the experience.

Of course you can choose other materials such as sponges, banana masturbators, cornstarch and water, melon holes, etc., completely out of your mind, as long as how it brings you comfort.

Sex Doll Torso Masturbator

Sex doll torso is one of the most popular masturbator sex toys for men, especially sex doll torso has a big ass with vagina and anus, especially for those who like anal sex, it satisfies the vast majority of their desires, when you buy sex doll torso, you can fuck a woman like crazy and penetrate her vagina and anus to get sexual pleasure! Of course there are sex doll torso for women who have big penises and handsome pecs that satisfy women and gay men.

Some common realistic sex doll torso masturbators you may recognize more types during your purchase such as female sex torso, male sex doll torso, shemale sex doll torso. These ass masturbators are available in different shapes, sizes and dimensions, and some of them contain vibrator features for you to choose from. You can very well buy them for masturbation or foreplay for sex games.

How to Choose Cheap Male Masturbators?

If you don't have enough money, I've told you how to make homemade masturbator earlier, besides homemade masturbator, you can buy your favorite male masturbator with very low budget, of course, I recommend you to buy it in our showggs adult toy store, because we provide a lot of male masturbators, such as manual and electric male masturbators, the electric masturbator may be more expensive, you can Choose the manual masturbator, it is not only cheap, but also experience-wise it doesn't have to be worse than the electric male masturbator, so you can buy cheap male masturbators at showeggs and the quality can be guaranteed, and you don't need to worry about any problems with the sex toys at all. Go ahead and buy it with confidence!

How to Buy Male Male Masturbators Guide for Beginners

Are you facing the problem of not being able to choose the right one for you when you are faced with so many male masturbators from Showeggs adult store? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, it is necessary for you to read the buying guide provided by us to acquire some knowledge so that you can choose your favorite masturbator.

1. How to Choose the Function of a Masturbator?

Masturbators are categorized into manual and electric, maybe you like to play with more functions and find it very interesting, the traditional manual masturbators certainly can not satisfy your sexual needs, then you should choose the electric masturbator.

Electric masturbators are various in function, including vibration frequency, sucking oral sex, simulating to make moaning, remote control remote control or app bluetooth connection control, heating and telescopic thrusting vibration and so on, all these functions I believe you will like, you can browse our sex toys for men series, you can choose it better!

2. What Material of Masturbator to Choose?

Do you know the material of male masturbators? They may not be a lot of materials, you can listen to my introduction very well can prevent buying fake products. Most masturbators are made of silicone, TPE and PVC, you have to carefully observe what materials are used when you choose the goods of masturbator toys, don't buy the inferior materials of male masturbators leading to your body hurt.

Or you may be more sensitive to certain materials, do not rule out that you will buy poor quality materials lead to physical allergies. Read the product details carefully or consult the customer service of the adult store before buying. Here, you can fully trust the quality of sex toys from Showeggs adult toy store.

3. Can the Budget Be Enough for the Purchase?

Which male masturbators do you have enough money to buy? Our store offers many different prices of male masturbators, of course including expensive masturbators and cheap masturbators, ranging from $1 to $300, if your budget is around $100, then you will be very lucky, most of our male masturbators are in the price range of $80-100, and you will have a very wide range of masturbators to choose from in this price range.

Of course if you're on a budget of less than $50, then you might want to consider some of the manual masturbators such as the pocket pussy and the Fleshlight masturbator, which are priced between $5-30 and simulate the sensation of real oral sex in a way that will make it especially memorable for you.

In our store you can search for any item you want, and we also provide a filtering function, so you can choose your function according to your interest and sexual preference, when you purchase, we will also send you a free bottle of lubricant, when your masturbator is used with the lubricant, you will be more comfortable. So when choosing a male masturbator please take your time to find the right price and nice features. And read our product description carefully.

4. Is It Easy to Clean?

Are you concerned about hygiene before buying a masturbator? Then you must be most worried about the cleaning of the masturbator. Choosing a masturbator that is easy to clean is of utmost importance, but you will have a lot of residual sperm on the inside as well as the surface of the masturbator after you are done using it. This can cause problems with bacterial growth and also affect the life of the masturbator, and of course, especially since you will be so tired after ejaculating, you will hate to clean it.

So you are choosing to buy a masturbator, please choose the one that is easier to clean, and after using it, you can simply go to clean it, and after using it you can quickly clean it with sex toy cleaner and warm water. It is also very save your time, not to mention that you will not get tired of sex toy cleaning.

5. Lifespan of Masturbators

When you buy some sex toys, if you don't use it properly, he is easy to break after a few times of use, and you have to spend money to buy a new one, of course, if you have enough budget, you finish can ignore here. But you want to prolong the life of the masturbator, read on,

Remember to clean it before and after using it, and after you finish cleaning it, please place it in a dry place to dry, don't let the masturbator be damp, which can cause bacteria to breed. Of course the special material will also affect the life of the masturbator, please choose a high-quality material, is a certain protective effect, wear resistance will also be greatly enhanced, so that the male masturbator tends to be particularly high quality. 

In the choice of masturbator, it is recommended that you can choose replaceable toys inside the sleeve, his sleeve can be replaced at will, so that you do not have to replace the entire male masturbator devices. for you may be a good choice. Especially when you are not easy to choose this suitable for their penis size and sexual experience is very perfect masturbator, you may later buy masturbator is very difficult to have this original feeling, it is like your lover in general, change one, but the taste may not be the same, so you have to cherish and careful use, seriously protect him.

What Types of Male Masturbators Are There? Which One Will You Prefer?

There are many different types of male masturbators such as masturbation cups, cock rings, pocket pussies, prostate massagers and sex doll torso to name a few, but what sex toys do you need? Which ones fit your needs?

Masturbators themselves are designed to be sex toys that allow us men to experience the excitement and pleasure of masturbation. It can better free our hands to complete this masturbation game and make our masturbation more comfortable and exciting. Including many innovative automatic male masturbator nowadays add more functions besides vibration, such as heating, making moaning, sucking, stretching and thrusting, remote control or app remote control and so on, which bring more rich play to our masturbation life. Even these male masturbators are like your partner, you don't even have to look for real women for sex.

What Are the Benefits of Automatic Male Masturbator?

A lot of additional features to experience pleasure at different frequencies

Easy to clean, just take out the sleeve and clean the inside of it, no need to clean the whole masturbator.

It is also cheaper, especially if you are spending thousands of dollars on sex dolls, while this masturbator can be purchased for only $100 or so.

The texture inside is designed to simulate real oral sex, and with the additional features, the effect is even more exciting than the real thing.

Easy to carry, you can well carry the masturbator with you anywhere you masturbate

What Are the Benefits of Pocket Pussy?

Simulates real vagina and anus, simulates real oral sex

Easy to carry around, especially when you are out and about, it fits nicely in your pocket so you can use it all the time.

Cheaper than automatic male masturbator, it normally costs between $10-30, your budget is basically enough to buy it.

Easy to clean, can be washed with warm water, dry, especially convenient

Realistic vulva and internal texture, let you fantasize that it is the same pussy and anus as your goddess, satisfy your needs.

What Are the Advantages of Sex Doll Torso?

When you see Sex Doll Torso are you attracted by their petite size, his compact size is similar to the shape of sex dolls, although the difference in height and weight may distinguish them from their full-size counterparts, the functions of sex dolls are preserved in Sex Doll Torso. Able to fulfill your sexual needs well

You must be concerned about the price of sex doll torsos, right? Affordability is definitely our primary consideration and sex dolls are usually more affordable when compared to their larger counterparts. Similarly, sex doll torsos usually cost about half of a full-size doll. Regardless of the materials used, the reduced consumption of resources inherent in these compact sex doll torsos helps to make them more affordable, making them an enticing option for those seeking to indulge without spending too much money.

For novice enthusiasts, sex doll torsos are a savvy option that promotes seamless practice and exploration before purchasing a full-size doll or pursuing physical pleasure with a real-life partner. Their compact size and lightweight construction lend unrivaled flexibility, further enhancing their appeal as an entry-level product in the intimate companion arena.

Thus, which companion you want to buy depends on your choice and perhaps you will be influenced in your decision by various different features and other factors. But you can refer to different ways to make your choice such as perusing product reviews, checking out online forums for questions or consulting trusted vendors, and you can always consult our customer service at showeggs to determine the best solution that suits one's unique preferences and needs. Patience and diligence in this endeavor can be priceless, as the rewards gained are truly worth the investment of time and consideration.

Leten Bermuda 10 Vibration Sucking Thrusting Heating Masturbation Cup

Leten Bermuda's innovations make all the difference, with 10 frequency vibrations and 10 sucking modes for you to enjoy from gentle to intense boosts, advanced heating and the benefit of easy cleaning is definitely an option you can't forget.


Material: TPE+ABS

Frequency: 10 modes

Product size: 7.44.7610.8 inches

Product weight: 2.24 lbs

Charging mode: USB-Type C charging

Charging time: 3-4 hours

Usage time: 45 minutes

Maximum noise level: <65 dB

Target audience: Adults


  • Unique 10 vibration frequencies to experience stimulation at different frequencies
  • 10 sucking functions with vibration effect, simulating the sucking of real oral sex
  • Heating function, so that your penis is no longer cold, always give you the best warmth
  • USB-C port, you will find it with your new iPhone with the same port, so that the masturbator and your iPhone charger to share together, out of the house no longer carry a second charger
  • Realistic design, perfect replica of real vagina and oral sex texture, you will find it is a real experience
  • Waterproof design, easy to clean, you don't need to worry about cleaning, the waterproof design allows you to clean it all the way at any time, and the inner liner is removable, you can clean the inside separately






Frequently Asked Questions

What is a male masturbator?

Amale masturbatoris a sex toy or implement designed for male masturbation. They are often designed to mimic the shape and texture of female reproductive organs (such as the vagina, mouth, or anus) to provide stimulation and pleasure. Male masturbators come in a variety of types and forms, including hand-held condom-like, vibrators, and inflatables. These products are designed to help men achieve orgasm and sexual fulfillment by simulating the sensations of intercourse or oral sex. They are usually made of safe materials such as silicone, TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), or other skin-friendly materials.

How to choose the right male masturbator for you?

Male masturbators come in a variety of types and designs. Common types include handheld sleeve-like, simulated vagina, oral sex simulators, anal simulators, and inflatables. They are designed to provide a diverse selection of stimulation and pleasure.


Dildos are usually made of silicone, TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) or other materials. Silicone is soft and TPE is relatively inexpensive. You can choose the right material according to your personal preference and sensitivity.


Masturbators come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Consider your personal preference and comfort level when choosing. When buying for the first time, choose a medium size and then adjust according to your experience.
Texture and Structure: Some masturbators are designed with special textures and structures to increase stimulation. Choose the right design based on your personal need for stimulation.

Vibration Features

Some masturbators come with vibration features that provide additional stimulation. If you are interested in vibration, choose a masturbator with adjustable vibrations.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It is important to ensure that the masturbator you choose is easy to clean and maintain, both for hygiene and longevity.
Budget: Masturbators vary greatly in price, so choose a product that suits your budget.

Brand and reviews

Choose a well-known brand or a product with good reviews to ensure quality and safety.

Using Masturbators Wisely

When using a male masturbator, experiment with different techniques and movements to find what is most comfortable and pleasurable for you. You can adjust the strength, speed and rhythm of your grip to your personal preference for optimal stimulation.


Using a lubricant can make using a masturbator smoother and more comfortable. Choose a water-based or silicone-based lubricant that is compatible with the material the masturbator is made of, and add lubricant at appropriate times during use to minimize friction and discomfort.

Heated Stimulation

Some male masturbators can provide heated stimulation, such as a heating or cooling feature. This can increase stimulation and pleasure, but make sure you heat or cool the masturbator to the right temperature before use to avoid overheating or overcooling.

Safe and non-toxic

Ensure that you choose a male masturbator that is of reliable quality and meets relevant safety standards to ensure material safety and durability. Avoid using broken or aged products and regularly check the condition of the masturbator to ensure that there are no potential health risks.


Protecting your privacy is important when choosing and purchasing a male masturbator. Choose reliable channels and offline stores when purchasing products to ensure confidentiality of personal information and purchase history.

How to clean male masturbators?

Cleaning methods vary from product to product, but in general, you can use warm water and mild soap for cleaning. Make sure to rinse thoroughly and dry thoroughly, avoiding the use of alcohol or acidic cleaners.

Do male masturbators negatively affect sexual performance?

The use of male masturbators does not negatively affect sexual performance. In fact, masturbation is a normal and healthy sexual practice that helps men understand their bodies and sexual preferences.

Who are male masturbators for?

Male masturbators are suitable for adult men of any age, whether they have a partner or not. They can fulfill an individual's sexual needs and explorations.

How do I choose the right male masturbator for me?

When choosing a male masturbator, consider shape, texture, size, function and personal preference. Read product descriptions, reviews and recommendations and choose a reliable and trusted brand.

Where Should I Store My Male Masturbator?

This is a very easy thing to do for anyone. In general, put it in a dry place is ok. At the same time, please put a place far away from the Children. If you care for privacy, you can store it in a place, which is difficult to find, like store case or table, etc,.

At the same time, some sex toys don't come with its case, then you can put it on a box, like a shoebox or what. At the same time, if there is a plastic bag, please cover it. But remember, please keep it dry before you put it inside. For me, I actually store most of those ones at the top of my hall closet – right in plain sight really – but nobody thinks anything of it. Shoeboxes at the top of a hall closet seem incredibly ordinary, and so I never have to worry about prying eyes.

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