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Anal Beads

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What Are Anal Beads?

Anal beads are love toys in the form of several balls connected together. Since "anal" refers to the anus, the basic usage is to enjoy them in the buttocks, and they are sometimes called "anal pearls" because pearls were originally used.

Are Anal Beads for Beginners? For Advanced Users?

As for anal beads, they are relatively beginner-friendly as anal love toys. Other anal goods for advanced users include "anal vibrators" and "anal plugs.

The size of the balls of anal beads ranges from 1 to 5 cm, so there is a wide range to choose from. Therefore, by selecting the size according to the level of anal development, it can be said that these goods can be enjoyed by not only beginners but also advanced users.

Beginners who are not used to anal stimulation should start with a series of small beads about 1 cm in diameter.

For example, if the beads are as thick as a woman's index finger, as in this "Anal Sweet (Pink)", even beginners can use it without much resistance.

Anal beads are adult toys that come in a wide variety of materials and shapes.

However, if we were to categorize them roughly, they can be divided into two patterns.

Single Sphere Type

The spheres are widely spaced, and each sphere can be pushed in one by one. They are recommended for beginners because they are easy to pull out.

Renga Bead Type

This type of anal bead has a narrow space between beads, or is completely continuous. This type of anal beads provide great stimulation because of the continuous pleasure when pulling them out. This type is for slightly advanced users.

Materials Come in a Variety of Hardnesses, And Transparency Increases Arousal

There are a variety of materials used for anal plugs, but there are six main types: plastic, silicone, rubber, latex, glass, and metal.

Silicon, rubber, and latex are recommended for beginners

If you are buying anal beads for the first time, it is common to start with those made of soft silicone, rubber, or latex.

The anal beads made of soft materials are less stressful on the anus and intestines.

The anal beads deform moderately, avoiding the risk of injury or becoming stuck.

Plastic, glass, and metal are recommended for experienced users

Plastic, glass, and metal anal beads are materials with a smooth surface.

They are excellent in that they are easy to insert and pull out if you have a well-developed anus.

Anal beads made of clear materials, such as glass, are excellent as shame play when having sex with a partner, since the inside of the intestines can be seen during insertion.

As long as they are managed properly, these materials can be used for a long time as they do not deteriorate easily.

As a precaution, when purchasing anal beads made of hard materials such as plastic or metal, avoid inexpensive ones.

This is because anal beads made of hard materials still have "burrs," or protrusions, left over from the production process, which can damage the intestines.

Glass and plastic can also crack if not managed properly, so for their safety, do not leave them unattended and store them properly.

Motorized Types Are Also Attractive for Their Pleasant Feeling of Rotation and Vibration

Some anal beads have built-in motors that add rotation and vibration stimulation.

These items are designed for people who have already developed their anus to some extent.

Please note that these items are not suitable for beginners because they do not feel good unless your anus is well-developed.

The usage is no different from that of ordinary anal beads. The basic idea is to insert them into the anus and pull them out.

Most products can be washed in water and used hygienically, although it is rare to find anal beads that can be submerged in water due to the presence of an electric motor.

We Also Recommend the Types with Suction Cups, Large Handles, Or with Tails for Cuteness

We also recommend the types with suction cups, large handles, or with tails for cuteness.
Some anal beads have ingenuity not only in the insertion part but also in the parts that remain outside the body, such as the handles.

For example, those with suction cups on the bottom can be stuck to the floor or, in some cases, a wall so that they can stand on their own and be inserted into the anus in a stable state.

There are also anal beads with a large ring handle, which prevents the anal beads from entering the intestine more than necessary, thus preventing accidents and injuries.

These types of anal beads are recommended for beginners.

The most famous and unusual type of anal beads is the anal bead with the handle shaped like an animal's tail. Tails are effective when combined with cosplay, and some people wear them to show off their cuteness.

Preparation Before Using Anal Beads! Prepare Lotion, Antiseptic Spray, Enema Bottle

The anus, where anal beads are inserted, is a place to excrete in the first place. It does not have a structure that welcomes anything from the outside.

Therefore, before inserting anal beads, advance preparations such as preparation of lotion, disinfectant spray, and enema are essential.

Be sure to use a lotion that improves the sliding of the anal beads and protects the anus.

The disinfectant spray is used on the insertion site of the anal beads. As they are to be put into the body, any bacteria on them may cause you to become ill.

Remember to disinfect the anal beads before and after use.

Also, it is a prerequisite to never give an enema before using anal beads.

By giving an enema, you can avoid leaking stool while using anal beads, and you can also avoid the risk of the anal beads smelling bad.

How to Use Anal Beads

Slowly Relax and Develop the Anal Area

Before inserting anal beads, the anal area must be carefully developed.

Start by massaging the anus in a circular motion with a finger dipped in lotion, or by pushing back and forth across the crack of the buttocks.

Once your anus is relaxed, you can try the anal beads first, starting with your fingers.

Developing with your own fingers rather than suddenly using adult toys has the advantage that it is harder to mistake the amount of force.

Ideally, proceed with development to the point where you can easily move your middle finger in and out.

Relaxation is important when developing the anus, so a lying position is preferable.

If you are unable to relax your anus, you may find it easier to relax by repeatedly exerting yourself to the utmost and then relaxing all at once.

Piston in and out Only Slowly

Finally, it is time to insert the anal beads, but the key to enjoying them is to remove and insert them slowly and deliberately.

If you force the ball into the insertion, you risk cutting hemorrhoids or damaging your intestines, so do not force it in.

Also, since anal beads are adult toys that provide pleasure through insertion and removal, this play is inevitably hard on the anus.

Even with a well-developed anus, if you piston too hard, the pain may outweigh the pleasure.

If anything, the main use is to enjoy the feeling of the balls going in and out of the anus one by one.

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