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Dildos Sex Toys: Buy Best Realistic Dildos at Showeggs

Welcome to Showeggs adult online store, we offer the best dildos for you to choose from. Here, every lifelike dildos is carefully designed, including their surface textures, curves, shapes and sizes. So after you get it, you will feel how tempting this realistic toy is and realize your crazy sexual fantasies.

What is A Dildo?

Dildo is a sex toy made to simulate a real human penis. It is the most classic sex toy. Realistic, clean and simple, the purest pleasure in the world of sex play is playing with a dildo that you will use to masturbate and flirt to climax.

Showeggs dildo is your partner in pursuit of sexual pleasure. In our store, you can get many dildos that satisfy you, such as male dildos to experience anal pleasure or female dildos commonly used for female masturbation, etc. Hurry and buy one Come and enhance your crazy gaming experience!

To this day, dildos are still people's favorite sex toys because they purely stimulate your most sensitive areas, providing precise pleasure where you are most thirsty, stimulating your G-spot, prostate or anus.

In our dildo collection, you can find a realistic dildo that suits your shape and meets your needs.

G Spot Dildos

The A-spot and G-spot dildos have curved designs, specifically targeting your G-spot stimulation, massaging your vagina and anus to satisfy your crazy G-spot stimulation. The G-spot dildo also has realistic looking textures and vein patterns and penis crown.

Best Male Dildos

A dildo specially designed for men's prostate stimulation. How pleasurable it is to stimulate the prostate with a dildo. Male dildos are usually designed with a fixed base and hand-held handle, as well as penis curves specifically designed to target the prostate.

Anal Dildos

Anal dildos are generally straight and very smooth. They are generally used for anal play. They can satisfy the pleasure of the anus for good insertion.

You can sometimes see some tapered designs, which are also in line with human body use, and their bottoms It is a flat flared base. This flared base allows you to perform anal play safely.

Glass Dildo

This is an absolutely safe glass dildo designed with silicone glass material. Its surface is very smooth, which can be inserted well and stimulate sensitive parts. Maybe you can heat it for temperature play, so that you can enjoy the joy of temperature play.

Small Dildos

Generally, this dildo is suitable for beginners. You can choose different shapes of small dildos. It is so friendly to novices and is the best choice for people who are trying out dildos for the first time.

Huge Dildos

Huge dildos are specially prepared for experienced sex toy experts who seek higher stimulation, like challenges and exploration, and generally use a huge dildo requires a sense of adventure.

What Types of Dildos Are There?

It’s best to buy a dildo that resonates with your body, such as shape, surface texture, and size. The second is your needs, what are you going to use it for? This way you can understand the purpose of these dildos, know to choose the type of dildo that suits you, and choose a partner that satisfies your sexual play.

Vibrating Dildos

Maybe when you buy sex toys, you have learned about vibrators and dildos and don’t know how to choose them, then we recommend you buy a vibrating dildo. Vibrating dildo is a 2-in-1 combination of a vibrator and a dildo.

Imagine that this realistic dildo has a vibration function, so you don’t have to move your body and free your hands to automatically massage you. This will Adds a lot of fun.

Realistic Dildos

This is the most common realistic silicone dildo, a flesh-colored silicone dildo made of silicone. The realistic texture and shape make you feel like you are seeing a real penis. Of course, there are also dildos made of TPE material.

Suction Cup Dildos

Suction cup dildo can be fixed in any scene, including your bedroom and bathroom. Of course, if you want to ride on a dildo, you need to buy this suction cup dildo to meet your requirements.

He is like your lover, you can attach it to the wall, enter your pussy from behind, and enjoy the clitoral stimulation it brings, making you feel like a real person is fucking you hard. Of course, it’s not just this position, it can also be straddle, doggy style and lap dance, depending on your preference.

Thrusting Dildos

If you want to free your hands and let the dildo do all the work for you, then be sure to choose the thrusting dildo. They generally have the function of vibration thrust and support multi-frequency adjustment.

Thrusting dildo is like your partner, the familiar thrusting movements please you and massage your G-spot. The dildo is inserted into your vagina to enjoy unforgettable clitoral stimulation.

Strap On Dildos

When you are a lesbian player, you will need a strap on dildo to increase your relationship. Please use the strap on the dildo to tie it to your body and wear it on your butt before you can use it

Fantasy Dildos

If you like the fantasy range of sex toys, then we highly recommend fantasy dildos, including dragon dildos, dog dildos and horse dildos.

The textured design on their surfaces is particularly stunning. Fulfill your inner alien fantasies with these fantasy dildo toys!

How to Choose A Dildo?

After the above description, you should have an idea of the size, shape, dimensions and materials of dildo? So how do you choose the right combination for you?

The most purchased dildos in our store are - 5 inch dildo, 8 inch dildo and 12 inch dildo, so we also highly recommend them to you, but of course you can also buy them according to different purposes.

At Showeggs, please choose the dildo that suits you according to your preferences. Here you are God. You can find your favorite dildo without any restrictions and filter out your perfect choice.

If your budget is limited, you can choose cheap dildos. These cheap dildos have dildos for men and dildos for women in different shapes and styles.

How to Use a Dildo?

If you have sexual needs and prefer sex toys that are simple and realistic, dildos are the perfect lover for you. Although a dildo is a simple-structured sex toy, it can provide you with a great experience. Turn our fantasies into reality with stunning looks that are exactly what you imagined.

Do you want to recreate the threesome experience you've been waiting for? Let the dildo be the sex toy you've been looking for for a threesome.

Of course, if you like the effect of double penetration, then you can take this dildo and insert it into your anus and vagina together with your partner's dildo, hard and hard.

Fuck you, let you experience breathtaking sex games, this crazy position makes you so excited, of course you can also buy a double ended dildo to serve you, so you have 3 dildos at the same time, so amazing ! A dildo gives you this simple yet amazing feeling.

Can I Use Lube on My Dildo?

Lubricating oil can provide a very pleasant smoothness, allowing you to increase the fun of solo play or partner play and enjoy this smooth sex life.

But how often should you lubes? We recommend you choose water based lubes, which are very easy to clean. But if you use silicone based lubes, especially in terms of cleaning, they are not easy to be washed with warm water and may affect the life of the dildo.

Therefore, we recommend water based lubricants as the best choice. If the vagina is naturally moist, but if you are doing anal play, it is absolutely necessary! As long as it's moist, the dildo will slide in and out better.

How to Clean a Dildo?

When you play with a partner, be sure to clean the dildo before or after each use to avoid the growth of bacteria that may harm your body. Especially for anal play when switching vaginal or oral sex games, it should be cleaned and kept clean and hygienic at all times.

Dildos tend to be easy to clean. They usually use warm water or soapy water to rinse, but if you can, you can use crystal sex toy cleaners.

These methods have the best results. Paying attention to hygiene at all times is often considered for the safety of the body, and it can also extend the life of the dildo. We bring a very pleasant sex life.

There are other dildo cleaning methods, such as sex toy cleaning wipes, which are easy to carry and are very suitable for some non-waterproof sex toys.

Some silicone toys or glass dildos can be sterilized by putting them in boiling water at high temperatures, but they can be sterilized for up to 3 minutes. If you're very demanding, you can use UV light to deep clean your sex toys.

Why Choose Showeggs for Your Dildo Needs?

When you don't know how to buy a dildo, choose Showeggs dildo store. We have absolute advantages and services.

The Most Comprehensive Dildos Collection

  1. Cheap dildo prices let you save money, including luxury dildo brands with the best deals
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Learn More About the Best Dildo at Showeggs.Com

Showeggs not only offers the high quality dildos type of sex toy, but it also helps you save money. We also offer the best shopping experience when you buy the cheapest dildos. Our packaging is absolutely confidential.

Although there is no shame in buying high quality dildos or other sex toys, we understand that you may not want people around you to know that you have sex toys. This is our service to strictly protect customer privacy.

From the privacy protection when you buy a sex toy on our website to the discreet delivery to your hands. Only then will you realize the erotic pleasures in your package.

Showeggs is a trustworthy adult toys store. We pay great attention to customer satisfaction, so that you can realize your fantasies and find your needs with us.

Browse the Showeggs high quality dildos range for a soothing massage on your sensitive areas and choose a trustworthy companion. At Showever, nothing is impossible.

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