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Butt Plugs

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What's an Anal Plug?

Anal plugs are adult devices that are inserted into the anus to widen the area around the sphincter muscle. It is egg or spade shaped with a raised center.

Since the purpose is to expand and develop the anus, it is not an adult toy that goes in and out like a dildo or vibrator.

The main use is to insert it into the anus.

Furthermore, if your goal is anal sex, then expanding your anus with an anal dildo is one of the steps you must take.

Inserting an anal toys is not only a game in itself, but it is also a preparatory step for engaging in other anal sex games, so it is also recommended for those who are interested in anal development.

Medical ass sex toys for Fecal Incontinence

Anal plugs are actually items that are sometimes used to treat fecal incontinence.

Fecal incontinence is a condition in which the stool is abnormally soft or the anus is unable to tighten, causing it to leak out.

The main cause is aging, but women's sphincter muscles are weakened by pregnancy and childbirth.

For severe cases of fecal incontinence that do not improve with medications or behavioral therapies, medical anal dildos can be used to control feces.

A medical anal plug is a disposable item with an insertion portion that expands and fits inside the anus.

A pouch that catches the feces protrudes from the plug and this is where the incontinent feces is caught.

It can be said to be different from an anal toy, which is an adult product.

Were Anal Plugs Used to Treat Mental Illness in the 19th Century? Besides, It Didn't Work.

Incidentally, anal plugs seem to have been used for a completely different purpose in the 19th century.

Dr. Young of the United States patented and began selling an anal plug called "Dr. Young's Ideal Rectal Dilator" through newspaper advertisements in 1892.

This was a set of 4 plugs made of hard rubber.

The advertisements stated that it "cures three-fourths of the people who have peculiar tastes which cannot be controlled by the world" and was said to be very effective in treating mental illness.

Specifically, the use of different sizes of anal plugs to dilate the anus was said to improve symptoms such as constipation, headaches, and insomnia, and it appears to have been actually used in hospitals.

However, in 1940, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (commonly known as the FDA) criticized the product, questioning whether it was actually effective in improving mental illness and whether it was exaggerated or falsely advertised.

Since Dr. Young admitted that patients who had undergone the procedure in the past would panic at the sight of an anal plug, all products manufactured were to be recalled and destroyed.

Similar Goods Include Enemagra and Aneros.

Enemagra and Aneros are adult toys similar to anal dildos in that they are inserted through the anus.

Both have in common the fact that they maintain the inserted state, but there are two clear differences. These are the gender of the person wearing the device and the point of action.

Enemagra and Aneros are basically used by men to obtain pleasure from the prostate gland.

The insertion part is often longer than the anal plug, and it presses on the prostate, a male-specific sexual zone, through the intestinal wall.

Ass sex toys, on the other hand, are adult toys that can be used by both men and women and are intended to dilate the anus.

Although they may seem similar, the two types of adult toys are completely different, so if you buy one that is at odds with your purpose, you may not get the desired effect.

What Are the Types of Anal Plugs?

There are various types of anal toys depending on their material, size and purpose.

When purchasing anal plugs for beginners, texture and size are important factors in choosing a product.

In addition, experienced users who are considering purchasing a new anal plug will be able to break away from stereotypes by choosing a different material than what they are used to.

Learn about the features of the anal plugs presented and use them to choose the right one for you.

Materials Include Glass, Silicon, And Metals Such as Stainless Steel and Metal.

There are three main materials used for anal dildos: glass, silicone and metal.

Each has different characteristics, such as texture and weight.

Once you know the characteristics, choose the one that suits your level of development and preference.

Silicone Anal Plug

The most recommended material for beginners is silicone, which is a soft material.

The reason for this is that you don't have to worry about it breaking and the soft material makes it easy to insert.

Silicone is heat sensitive and may warp when used with oil-based emulsions, but as long as you are aware of both of these things, it is a primary material that is easy to work with.

Glass Anal Plugs

Glass is a semi-permanent material that will not deteriorate unless dropped and broken, making it durable and cost effective.

The transparent material makes it look great, and when inserted, the inside of the anus is completely visible to your partner, which is unique to glass ass sex toys.

For this reason, some people choose glass anal plugs as part of their shame play.

Metal Anal Plugs

Anal plugs made of metal, such as stainless steel or metal, are the most durable of all materials. This is because they will not deform or break even with a light or gentle touch. It also has better thermal conductivity than glass and is less prone to deformation than silicone. It also allows you to enjoy warm play if you immerse it in hot water, so we recommend metal anal dildos if you want to enjoy unique play.

From Extended Beginners to Advanced Users! Multiple Sizes Available

Size is probably the most important point when choosing an anal plug.

An anal plug that is too big can damage your anus, so you need to choose one that is the right size for your body.

However, for beginners, you may be thinking, "How big is right?" I will provide a thorough explanation for those people.

Anal Plugs About 2cm in Diameter

For beginners using anal plugs for the first time, it is recommended to start with a diameter of about 2 cm.

First of all, the anus is not a structure that receives anything from the outside world, so it needs to be expanded gradually.

A diameter of about 2cm is roughly the same thickness as the average male thumb. First, let the anus get used to this size until it can be inserted easily.

Anal Plugs 3cm to 3.5cm in Diameter

This size is for intermediate users who are used to ass sex toys.

The average glans diameter of the Japanese penis is about 3.5 centimeters, and the penis diameter is about 3.19 centimeters. The regular size of commercially available condoms is about 3.3 centimeters.

If you want to insert a dildo or have anal sex, you will need to expand it to at least this size.

Anal Plugs over 5cm in Diameter

This size is for advanced users whose anus is fully dilated.

People will use it to say, "I want to try a thick dildo!" Or "My partner has a thick penis."

Beginners should definitely avoid buying this size because it is thick. Be sure to check the size, as it can be dangerous if you try to force it to that size.

Penetrating Tunnel Type, Cock Ring Type, Chastity Belt Type, And Electric Type Are Also Available.

In addition to material and size, there are anal plugs with distinctive shapes.

The four most common types are the "penetrating/tunnel type," "cock ring integrated type," "chastity belt integrated type," and "with electric motor.

The penetrating/tunnel-type plugs, which are tubular in shape, can be inserted into the anus while a finger or a slim vibrator can be inserted further.

Even if nothing is inserted, the inside of the anus is exposed to air, and some people seem to become addicted to the sensation.

The cock ring integrated type has parts extending to the penis side like a J-shape, and has a ring that tightens around the base of the penis.

Some have a cock ring that stimulates not only the cock ring but also the perineum, providing more intense sensation.

The chastity belt integrated type is similar in shape to the cock ring integrated type, but it is an SM toy used in ejaculation control play.

The chastity belt is an item that prevents erection and ejaculation, and is recommended for those who feel stuck in a rut during sex with their partners.

Some anal dildos have a vibration function, which not only dilates the anus but also provides intense pleasure.

From Jeweled and Luminous to Tails and Hand Spinners.

There are also anal plugs that are particular about the decoration of parts that are not directly related to pleasure.

Some anal trainers are available with artificial gems as decorations, or are made of luminescent material that glows in the dark.

Anal trainerss with tails for costume play, commonly known as "tail plugs," are probably the most popular type.

There are also a number of different types of ass sex toys, such as those that are integrated with a hand spinner, which have a flashy appearance and look great on social networking sites.

How to Use Anal Plugs to Develop Your Anus! Keeping up with Masturbation

An anal plug is an adult product that allows the anus to adjust to it during insertion. It is very easy to use and there is no room for error.

Therefore, advance preparation and detailed preparation are more important than the insertion itself.

We will explain in detail the precautions to be taken when using an anal plug, please refer to.

Enemas Should Be Given in Advance.

Before inserting the anal plug, first empty your bowels with an enema.

By emptying out the intestines, you can prevent the anal plug from becoming contaminated.

Also, you will be able to feel the presence of the anal plug more because it will be firmly against the intestinal wall.

A fig enema, which can be purchased at a pharmacy, is commonly used for enemas.

A fig enema is a chemical solution containing glycerin that is injected to soften the stool and stimulate bowel activity.

It is more reliable if the meal the day before is light and easy to digest.

Use Plenty of Lotion.

The anus and bowel do not naturally secrete lubricant like the female vagina. Therefore, the use of lotion is essential to prevent injury and to improve slippage.

There is no such thing as too much lotion, so be sure to use plenty.

In addition to applying it to the anal plug itself, put lotion on your fingertips when you finger the anus to relieve it. This will prevent unexpected injury.

Even if you apply a generous amount of lotion at the beginning, the wetness will gradually weaken over time, so you need to remove the anal plug from the anus in a timely manner and add more lotion.

Push in Slowly and Keep It In.

Anal plugs are not adult toys that are pulled in and out like dildos or vibrators.

Except for pouring and adding lotion, the plug should be left in place.

When inserting the anal plug, try to get into a relaxed position and insert it slowly.

The best position is lying down if possible, but you need to be creative by placing a towel under your waist to prevent the lubricant from dripping.

In the beginning, you can use a comfortable position while lying down, but eventually you will develop your anus until you are able to go about your daily life with the anal toy inserted.

For Electric, Apply to the Prostate for a Dry Orgasm.

An anal plug with a vibrating function makes it easier to achieve pleasure at the anus.

Men can also achieve a dry orgasm if the insertion part is long and can be applied to the prostate gland.

A dry orgasm, also called a "feminine climax," is a climax that is not accompanied by ejaculation. Compared to a normal ejaculation, a dry orgasm can be very intense and pleasurable.

If you want to get pleasure at the same time as extended development, you should choose this type of anal plug.

If You Want a Stopper, Secure It with a Special Belt, Harness, Pants, Etc.

Basically, the anal trainer is held in place by tightening the anal sphincter.

However, some people may be concerned that the plug may fall out if they have to get used to it until they are able to live their daily lives.

In such cases, a stopper belt or harness can be used to hold the anal plug in place.

These assistive devices are leather belts that can be worn around the waist to secure the anal plug in the anus.

If you want to hold it easily without using a special device, you can wear pants that are close to your skin, such as boxer shorts.

In this case, please wear pants that can be soiled in case they fall out.

Precautions When Using Anal Plugs

There are some things to remember when using anal plugs.

If you're not careful, you could be at risk for hemorrhoids, fecal incontinence, accidental injury and sexually transmitted infections.

This time, we will focus on "Forced insertion of anal toys," "Insertion with fecal matter in the bowel," "What happens if I don't use lotion? ", and "Four Points". "On the lending and borrowing of anal trainers."

If You Force It In, Not Only Will It Hurt, But It Will Also Damage Your Intestines and Cause Hemorrhoids.

Never force ansexual anal toy, regardless of its size, as this is extremely dangerous.

If pressure is applied to the anus, there is a risk of causing hemorrhoids or damaging the intestinal wall.

When using an sexual anal toy, instead of inserting it abruptly, massage the anus well with your fingers.

Cut your fingernails, protect your fingertips with lotion or petroleum jelly, and then gently press on the anus.

It is effective to massage not only the anus but also the entire buttocks.

The muscles of the buttocks are interconnected, so relaxing the buttocks and other muscles will make inserting an anal plug easier.

If you feel severe pain during insertion, don't force yourself and relax your anus and buttocks first.

If You Don't Have a Bowel Movement, You May Leak Urine Even if You Don't Have the Urge to Have a Bowel Movement.

If you don't get everything in your stomach out of your body beforehand, you may risk difficulty cleaning up afterward or incontinence.

If there is feces on the anal plug, it can be a pain to handle. There is also a risk of touching the feces with your hands.

In addition, there is a risk of unexpected accidents due to anal irritation, such as a sudden urge to defecate, or incontinence even if there is no desire to defecate.

If not done correctly, fecal reflux may occur due to reverse peristalsis and you may experience intense nausea.

You may end up being hospitalized, so make sure you give yourself an enema to get it all out.

Use Lube in Moderation! If You Leave It in There for a Long Time, It May Not Come Out.

Lotion and petroleum jelly should be added from time to time, but neglecting to do so may be very dangerous.

If the amount of lotion is reduced, the anal plug may stick to the anal or bowel wall.

If the plug is removed while it is stuck, you may experience severe pain and may find it difficult to remove it.

Therefore, the plug should be inserted for a maximum of 2 to 3 hours.

If possible, remove it every hour and add lotion.

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