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What Is Fantasy Masturbation? The Best Way to Do It and Tips on How to Do It!

What Is Fantasy Masturbation? The Best Way to Do It and Tips on How to Do It!

Dalen Shonw |

What is Fantasy Masturbation? Does It Feel Good?

Masturbating to fantasies is a method of masturbation that uses fantasy as a source of arousal and pleasure. It is also called "imaginative masturbation" or "fantasy masturbation," and is a way to enhance one's sexual fantasies without relying on pornography or manga.

It is recommended for those who are not good at adult contents, as well as for those who can freely enjoy their favorite situations. Some people have mastered fantasy masturbation and are able to reach orgasm just by fantasizing without stimulating their bodies!

Does Fantasy Masturbation Feel Good? 8 Benefits

  • Enjoy the setting of your choice
  • Safe in any situation
  • Stress relieving
  • Fun without spending a lot of money
  • Safe even for those who are not comfortable with adult content
  • Increases your imagination and fantasy
  • Easy to develop sexual senses
  • Less likely to get bored or stuck in a rut

and so on. Only delusional masturbation allows you to freely enjoy situations that cannot be experienced with commercially available contents, such as with someone you like or admire..! It is also a great way to improve your imagination and fantasy.

Since fantasy masturbation allows you to think of your own naughty situations, it also serves as image training for love time. Furthermore, masturbating while fantasizing links sexual arousal in the brain with stimulation of the body, leading to the development of the sexual zones.

What Are the Disadvantages of Delusional Masturbation? Three Points to Note

Although fantasy masturbation has many benefits, it may not be easy to get used to. The main advantages of fantasy masturbation are

  • Requires concentration and relaxation
  • Takes some time to get used to
  • You can't help but imagine sexually explicit things in your daily life

There are a few things to keep in mind, such as If you have little experience or knowledge of sex, or if you are easily distracted, it may take a little time before you are able to engage in pleasurable fantasy masturbation.

On the other hand, if you become too absorbed in fantasy masturbation, you may end up fantasizing about sexual matters on a daily basis. You are free to fantasize, but please keep it to a level that does not interfere with your daily life.

How to Feel Good About Fantasy Masturbation

In fantasy masturbation, creating the environment and deciding on the settings are especially important! Carefully following each step of the procedure is the shortcut to truly pleasurable fantasy masturbation. The following is an explanation of the basic steps to perform pleasurable fantasy masturbation.

1. Create a Relaxing Environment

Delusional masturbation requires a safe and concentrated environment in which to masturbate. If you are distracted during the process, your fantasy will fly away and your mood will be diminished.

  • Choose a place where you can be alone
  • Do it in a situation where it is safe to speak up
  • Block out as much outside sound and light as possible.

If you are aware of points such as the following, it will be easier to enter the world of fantasy and achieve deeper and stronger arousal. If you use items such as love toys or blindfolds, keep them within easy reach.

2. Decide on the Situation of Your Fantasy

The most important thing is to decide on the setting of your fantasy. Think carefully about the man you are dating, the location, the situation, and the content of the play.

  • Unusual sex at work or school
  • Sex with someone you like who forcefully attacks you
  • Threesome with him and his friend

You can also imagine situations that you would not be able to experience in reality, such as the following! Imagine your favorite genre and play, and let your imagination run wild with as much detail as possible.

3. Stimulate the Body While Imagining

By the time you have decided on the setting of your fantasy, you will be in a heightened sexual mood. In accordance with the content of your fantasy, you will be giving stings to your body. If you stimulate him as if he were in your fantasy, you will feel as if you are simulating your fantasy.

Change the position and stimulation according to your fantasy, and have the most pleasurable orgasm in the situation you like best!

Tips for making fantasy masturbation feel great.

If you have tried fantasy masturbation, but it doesn't feel good enough..." or "I want to feel even better! If you think "I've tried fantasy masturbation, but it doesn't feel good enough..." or "I want it to feel even better! A little ingenuity is the key to getting deeper into your fantasy world.

1. I'll be in perfect physical condition.

In fantasy masturbation, it is very important to concentrate on the fantasy world and the pleasure. If you are not feeling well, of course, but also if you are excessively hungry, tired, or worried, you will be distracted.

A good mental and physical condition is essential for pleasurable fantasy masturbation! If you are in good physical condition, it will be easier to have an orgasm.

2. Spend a Good Deal of Time (E.G. On Something)

In fantasy masturbation, taking time and care from the start to orgasm can also increase pleasure. Slowly advancing the fantasy from the preliminary stage and touching the body in a rushed manner will not only sharpen the senses but also increase the realism of the fantasy.

Enjoy the experience while thinking of the other person's gestures and words. Of course, if you are in a situation where you are suddenly attacked..., you can use stimulation accordingly!

3. The Setting of the Fantasy Is Detailed!

The more detailed the setting, the more realistic the fantasy masturbation experience will be. In addition to visual images, try to imagine in as much detail as possible how you would touch her, what lines you would whisper and in what voice, and even how you would smell and feel on her skin.

If you are not good at thinking up your own settings, we recommend that you use situations you have seen in your favorite porn or manga, and change the partner to someone you like and fantasize about them!

4. Do Not Move Your Body Unnecessarily

It is also important to keep your body as still as possible during fantasy masturbation. If you try hard to touch yourself, it is easier for the sensations to return to reality. Also, keeping your brain in a pleasurable state for a longer period of time will lead to stronger orgasms.

To make your fantasies feel more real, you can make use of love toys. If you fantasize about situations such as penetration scenes, toy attack, multiple play or public masturbation, love goods are especially useful.

5. Increase Your Imagination on a Daily Basis

It is no exaggeration to say that the quality of delusional masturbation depends on the power of imagination. Routinely,

  • Study your favorite situations in videos, etc.
  • Think about the points and triggers that excite you
  • Have an actual sexual experience.

If you repeatedly do things like this, you will gradually improve your imagination and fantasy.

Recommended for Fantasy Masturbation! 5 Classic Situations

Attention to setting is the key to fantasy masturbation. In particular, the choice of partner is of paramount importance. Here are five classic situations that we recommend for fantasy masturbation. If you expand the settings to your liking, you will be able to simulate the love time of your dreams!

1. With a Lover or Someone You Love...

The most popular form of fantasy masturbation is happy love time with your lover or the person you love. Even those who normally find it difficult to say, "I want to do it this way," or those who have a one-sided love, can enjoy meeting freely in their fantasy.

  • He's usually so indifferent, but he's asking me for it so hard...
  • The man you have a crush on passionately pushes you down...
  • The man of your dreams suddenly makes a move on you...

Just imagining such things should make you nervous!

2. With Your Favorite Celebrities and Guess Who...

With fantasy masturbation, you can simulate love time with your favorite celebrity or character that you may not be able to reach.

  • I ran into my favorite celebrity at work...
  • In the world of comic books, you are in love with your favorite character...
  • When you are invited backstage by the artist of your dreams...

What if this were to happen!" If we can develop the image of "What if this happens!" we can have the best fantasy masturbation!

3. Remembering All the Sex We've Had...

Even those who are not good at creating new fantasy settings on their own can enjoy recalling exciting experiences from the past.

  • Re-live the thrill of first-time sex...
  • Soaking in the happy memories of your trip...
  • Remembering his voice, his touch, his body temperature...

If the fantasy masturbation is based on a real experience, you will be able to remember the actual lines that were said and the sensation of skin contact in a realistic way!

4. With Someone I Used to Love or an Ex-Boyfriend...

Many of you must feel a little sad when you remember someone you used to love or an ex-boyfriend.

  • My first love confessed to me that he liked...
  • My ex-boyfriend is trying to get back together with me...
  • The teacher of your dreams pushes you down in the classroom...

A sudden chance reunion with that person whom you have not been able to see very often. That alone would be enough material for excitement!

5. Multiple Play and Abnormal Play...

With fantasy masturbation, you can safely simulate the kind of play that is difficult to experience in real life. If you have abnormal sexual proclivities, why not enjoy them to the fullest in your fantasy world?

  • With him and his friend, the three of us...
  • On the day of the festival, I was demanded by him in the park at night...
  • He restrained me and attacked me with toys...

It is important to note that if you fantasize about SM play, be very careful about safety. In particular, strangulation play should be avoided at all costs, as the use of tools can lead to death in the worst case scenario.

I Want to Incorporate It into My Fantasy Masturbation! Recommended Items

If you want to enjoy your fantasy masturbation even more, try adding an extra item to your masturbation experience! It will make your fantasies more realistic and give you stronger pleasure, and you will have a more fulfilling time.

Item (1) Love Goods

Love sex toys are a must for fantasy masturbation. Choose goods that match the situation of your fantasy, such as vibrators and dildos for stimulating the insertion scene, and electric motors and rotors for attacking toys.

Particularly recommended is the "Sakura no Koi Neko" series, which works in tandem with voices, manga, and other content when linked to a smartphone. You can also set your favorite pattern changes, and the key point is that you can enjoy the feeling of being "done" without having to operate the device yourself.

Item (2) Lotion and Love Cosmetics

If it is difficult to get turned on by fantasy alone, you can also use lotions and love cosmetics. If you use hot lubricant that becomes gradually warm, you can enjoy fantasy masturbation as if you can feel his body heat!

Item (3) Eye Mask

It is recommended to incorporate an eye mask not only for blindfolded play fantasies, but also to help you focus on your fantasy. By eliminating visual stimulation from the outside, you can more easily enter your fantasy world.

Item (4) Cuddle Pillow

Preparing a cuddle pillow further enhances the reality of fantasy masturbation! It will be easier to simulate the sensation of holding him in your arms and the weight of him on top of you.

You can also try the secret technique of spraying the pillow with the other person's perfume...! By stimulating the memory of the scent, you can enjoy more realistic fantasy masturbation.

Item (5) Voice Content and Sensual Novels

Just because it is fantasy masturbation does not mean that you have to complete the story 100% in your own brain; sexually explicit voice contents and sensual novels are perfect for stimulating your fantasies.

Unlike videos and manga, which are directly expressed through images and drawings, it is easy to reflect your own preferences in men and situations! Envisioning images in your brain from the text and words is also a great way to train your imagination!

Simulated Experience of Ideal Sex Through Fantasy Masturbation!

Fantasy masturbation is a masturbation method that allows you to simulate exactly what your ideal love time would be like. Some say it is the best masturbation for women because it gives them such intense pleasure.

You are free to have a forbidden relationship with the person of your dreams, or to play things that are difficult to try in real life, in the world of fantasy. Please exercise your imagination and try to simulate your ideal sex experience!